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Traditional Saunas

Electric Heaters & Wood Burning Stoves

The sauna is the heart of the traditional Finnish steam sauna, providing comforting heat and ample steam when pouring water on the sauna rocks. Majority of the sauna heaters can be used dry or for traditional steam sauna, just pour a ladle of water every 3 to 5 minutes to produce steam and bring the humidity level to your preference. There are many benefits to having a sauna. Be sure to match the correct sized sauna heater for your application, by knowing the cubic foot total of your sauna room (width x depth x height in feet).

We have various electric heaters and wood-burning stove models to generate and provide adequate heat to your sauna experience.


Traditional Saunas

Lakeview is excited to partner with Harvia and offer our clients their traditional saunas, accessories, and heaters as part of our dealership. Harvia offers a solution for every home and professional need. Whether it be a ready-made indoor sauna cabin, a custom-designed bathroom sauna, or an outdoor oasis, Harvia’s materials and design expertise are an investment in quality.

We also offer an array of accessories for saunas including thermometers, buckets, sauna scents, lights, stones, and more!


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