Visit Our Showroom

Visit Our Showroom

Visit Our Showroom

The Lakeview showroom is a fireplace and stove display area with many different products and choices for our customers. These products include gas fireplaces, free standing gas stoves, free standing wood stoves, wood burning fireplace inserts, electric fireplaces, and finishing options (including masonry, metal wall panels, metal mantles and traditional wood mantles). 

We’re first going to give you additional information about gas fireplaces. Gas fireplaces are set in a desired location in the building. They are vented with hard pipe either through the roof or out the side of the exterior wall. A gas line and electricity are brought into the fireplace, then the unit is framed around, and the desired wall finishing is installed. The gas fireplace unit on display in our showroom is an Empire White Mountain Hearth Premium Tahoe 36” model. This is a live burning model which gives the customer a good feel of what the burning fireplace looks and feels like. White Mountain Hearth by Empire Comfort Systems has a wide range of fireplace products available. The Rushmore, which is the top-of-the-line fireplace from White Mountain Hearth, features TruFlame Technology (Empire Patent Pending) which means it uses a ceramic catalyst. The catalysts help minimize emissions and maximize heat efficiency, resulting in the most realistic flames resembling a wood burning fire. The Rushmore Fireplace also features a dual burner system which allows for a low BTU burn or a high. This allows for minimal heat output while still providing some fire ambience. We also carry the Majestic line of gas fireplaces. Both Majestic and White Mountain Hearth have a wide range of products to choose from. If you are looking for a new gas fireplace, Lakeview has many options from a modern/contemporary linear look to a traditional or rustic log looking fire. 

Our next featured heating option is a free-standing gas stove. This operates similar to the gas fireplaces but is designed to replicate a free-standing wood stove. The gas stove in our showroom is a traditional cast iron style made by Empire Comfort Systems. This gas stove is also a live burning model. 

We currently do not have gas fireplace inserts on display; however, with our other gas burning appliances on display, we can provide a good feel for what the gas fireplace inserts would be like. The gas fireplace inserts are designed to convert an open-hearth masonry fireplace into a gas burning fireplace. We have an abundance of literature and knowledge to help the customer select an appropriate gas fireplace insert to meet each their specific needs. Both Majestic and White Mountain Hearth provide great options for gas fireplace inserts.  

Lakeview also displays two free-standing wood stoves. Wood stoves are a great option for someone who wants to burn wood but doesn’t have much room to install a traditional fireplace. Also, if you have an old, inefficient wood stove, Lakeview has options available that allow us to change them out to a new and efficient woodstove. We have two different wood stoves on our showroom floor. The first one is an Osburn Matrix Wood Stove with soap stone side panels and top panels. This wood stove has a built-in wood storage on the bottom of the wood stove. It is available with black steel top and side panels in place of soapstone. Or you can put soapstone panels on the side and black steel panels on the top or vice versa. This Osburn Matrix Wood Stove comes with a blower. Osburn has many styles, options, and sizes available to choose from. Our other wood stove display is a Napoleon S20 wood stove. Napoleon does not have many options when it comes to wood stoves. The S Wood Stove is available in two sizes – the S20 (which is what we have on display) and the S25 which is the same stove, but larger. This is a basic wood stove that would fit virtually any surrounding. The style is contemporary, but traditional at the same time. It has optional add-ons that can be selected. A blower and an ash pan kit can be added onto the stove, but are not required to use the stove. 

Now, let’s talk about the wood burning inserts that are on display. Wood burning inserts operate similar to free-standing wood stoves, but are designed a little different. Like a gas fireplace insert, a traditional open-hearth fireplace is converted, but a wood burning insert allows for a high efficiency wood burning fireplace rather than the open-hearth burning option. The Napoleon Oakdale Inserts series comes in three different styles, and we have two of the three available styles on display in our Showroom. One is the Oakdale Traditional and the other is the Oakdale Contemporary. They have the same dimensions and operating features, with just a slight difference in appearance. The third Oakdale that we do not currently have in our showroom display is the Traditional Style. Like the Napoleon S Series wood stoves, Napoleon has an S series line of wood burning inserts. These are the same as the free-standing version, but are designed as a wood burning insert. Osburn also has a line of wood-burning inserts that we supply and install. The most common wood burning insert that we install is the Napoleon Oakdale, and it is a nearly even split between the contemporary and traditional styles. 

We also have an electric linear fireplace on display made by Empire. Like the other fireplaces, electric fireplaces come in modern/contemporary styles and traditional styles. Electric fireplaces are a great option for someone who wants a little heat and some fireplace ambience, but does not have the ability to run venting for a wood or gas fireplace or stove. Electric fireplaces are also common in rental atmospheres. 

Additionally, we have some finishing options on display including stone masonry, hearths, wood and metal mantels and wall finishings. The metal mantels and walls are features of Stoll Industries, which is the company that also supplies wood fireplace doors. We also have a fireplace door design showcase from Stoll Industries. 

The most important feature of our showroom is our design area. Here, the client can come in, get comfortable and relax with complimentary coffee, while exploring all the fireplace and fireplace finishing options that we have available to them. We utilize a large screen and presentation for the customer based on their specific needs. We offer a warm and open atmosphere with clear communication so our customers are assured that Lakeview is their one stop shop for all their fireplace, stove, and chimney needs. 

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