Visit Our NEW Showroom

Visit Our NEW Showroom

Visit Our NEW Showroom

Our new showroom is open! The Lakeview showroom serves as a showcase for fireplaces, stoves, & inserts offering a diverse range of products and options for our customers. Our selection encompasses gas fireplaces, freestanding gas stoves, freestanding wood stoves, wood-burning fireplace inserts, electric fireplaces, and various finishing options such as masonry, metal wall panels, metal mantels, and traditional wood mantels. 

Let’s begin by providing more details about gas fireplaces. These fireplaces are strategically placed within a building, with ventilation typically facilitated through hard piping that extends either through the roof or out of the exterior wall. A gas line and electricity are connected to the fireplace, after which the unit is framed, and the chosen wall finishing is installed around it. The gas fireplace inserts are crafted to transform an open-hearth masonry fireplace into a gas-burning one. We provide ample literature and expertise to assist customers in choosing the right gas fireplace insert tailored to their individual requirements. 

Now, discussing freestanding gas stoves, functioning much like gas fireplaces but crafted to emulate the appearance of a standalone wood stove. The showcased gas stove in our showroom embodies a classic cast iron style, crafted by Marquis, and it features a live-burning model as well.  

Lakeview displays six-free standing Wood stoves present an excellent choice for individuals who desire the warmth of burning wood but lack sufficient space for a conventional fireplace. Additionally, if you possess an outdated and inefficient wood stove, Lakeview offers alternatives to upgrade to a modern and efficient wood stove. Our showroom features six distinct wood stoves. One of the Wood stoves on display is the Osburn Matrix Wood Stove, equipped with soapstone side panels and top panels. This wood stove includes built-in wood storage at the bottom and is also available with black steel top and side panels as an alternative to soapstone. The Osburn Matrix Wood Stove, featured with a blower, is just one option from Osburn, which offers a variety of styles, choices, and sizes. In contrast, one of the other wood stove on display is the Napoleon S20 wood stove. Napoleon, while not offering an extensive array of options, provides the S Wood Stove in two sizes – the S20 and the larger S25. This wood stove, with a contemporary yet traditional style, is a versatile choice suitable for virtually any setting. It also offers optional add-ons, including a blower and an ash pan kit, though these are not mandatory for stove use. 

Now, let’s discuss the showcased wood-burning inserts. These inserts function similarly to freestanding wood stoves but come with a distinct design. Comparable to a gas fireplace insert, a traditional open-hearth fireplace is converted, but a wood-burning insert enables the creation of a highly efficient wood-burning fireplace, offering a more efficient alternative to the traditional open-hearth burning option. 

We also feature an electric linear fireplace in our display, manufactured by Dimplex. Like the other fireplace options, electric fireplaces are available in both modern/contemporary styles and traditional designs. They serve as an excellent choice for individuals seeking a touch of warmth and fireplace ambiance without the capability to install venting for a wood or gas fireplace or stove. Electric fireplaces are also frequently used in rental environments. 

Furthermore, our display includes various finishing options such as stone masonry, hearths, as well as wood and metal mantels and wall finishes. The metal mantels and walls showcased are crafted by Stoll Industries, the same company that provides our wood fireplace doors. In addition, we have a design showcase featuring fireplace doors.

The focal point of our showroom is our design area, where clients can come in, unwind with complimentary coffee, and explore the full range of fireplace and finishing options available to them in a comfortable setting. We create a warm and open atmosphere with transparent communication, ensuring our customers feel confident that Lakeview is their comprehensive destination for all fireplace, stove, and chimney needs. Our showroom is open from 8:00am-4:30pm.  

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